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When the time comes to give your kitchen a facelift, the first place to look is the cabinetry. If the wood species and stain of the cabinet denote the color and feel of the room they inhabit, then the door style is what lends an overarching sense of style and refinement. There are multiple construction types, finishes, and wood species to choose for your kitchen cabinets, but you may not have realized that there are also more than one cabinet door shape. The cabinet door shape that you choose for your cabinet can solidify the design theme of your kitchen and bring thoughts of style and theme to life.

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“Riding a wave of more interest in natural looks and warm colors, wood and wood looks are making a strong comeback in kitchen cabinet design trends. In some sectors, the trend is seen as so strong it might dethrone the omnipresent white kitchen that has dominated in recent years.

Major studies from the National Kitchen and Bath Association and others as well as anecdotal data garnered from interviews with designers, manufacturers, and custom builders, all point to a resurgence in the demand for wood cabinetry and cabinetry that effectively mimics the look and texture of wood.

Other trends of note include transitional, timeless, and contemporary looks as the dominating designs, warmer colors, increasingly complex and varied lighting schemes, elevated use of islands with integrated appliances and sinks, as well as more focus on practical storage solutions and heightened emphasis on sustainability.”

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Sometimes our kitchen cabinets need small adjustments. This article will help you make them!

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The bathroom is typically the first room people go to when they wake up and one of the last they visit before bed. People want their bathroom to be a relaxing retreat and it’s easy to design for luxury.

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No one disputes the higher cost of installing custom cabinets. But if this new kitchen or remodel is going to be the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, consider the advantages of going custom over typical stock cabinets.

For one thing, true custom cabinets fit perfectly into every space to give you the best use of corners, spaces between windows as well as the height or length of every wall. No matter how big or compact your kitchen is – even a couple of inches changes how well it functions.

Custom cabinets also achieve looks that stock cabinets can’t. You may have features like a banquette seat, a kitchen island or more than one food preparation station. Seamlessly integrated custom cabinets will draw attention to those spaces you want to highlight.

And here’s where even a couple of inches makes a difference. If the goal is to have a clean, modern appearance - stream-line your cabinets with appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and stove tops.

Now when it comes to sinks, some styles also stream-line well with the surrounding cabinetry. But whether you choose this style or one that overlaps, finding stock cabinets that securely fit around the sides and bottom could be difficult. Again the best bet is to go custom to guarantee a good, secure fit.

Deep drawers are a surprisingly affordable upgrade to the more typical three-drawer models because some companies build deeper drawers at around the same cost. This cabinet style is not new, but the variety of divider systems now available makes them a popular alternative to traditional lower cabinets. For example, interiors can be sub-divided with wood or metal peg systems to store dishes, pots and pans. Or make drawers even taller to house additional items like liquor bottles or other large appliances.

Since this is the kitchen you’ve always wanted, the extra investment in custom cabinets reaps big rewards in maximizing function as it creates a truly personal and polished look.

Many homeowners think their kitchen is outdated from the looks of their worn cabinets, dated appliances and crackled countertop. What they may not realize is that there are many other reasons, more important than cosmetic, why a kitchen needs to be remodeled. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) offers the following tips to help homeowners evaluate the current condition of their kitchen and decide if the time is right for a remodel. 

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Several of our blogs talk about how the kitchen is the heart of the home. More and more families want to encourage interaction using multiple islands, banquette seating and more space. This means taking down non-supportive walls and removing big over-the-island hoods. It utilizes cabinets designed to both maximize storage and integrate with the rest of the home.

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There are some cabinets that never go out of style. Shaker cabinets are a prime example. Certain types of glass cabinet doors are another.  Glass is so versatile!

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Custom cabinets are typically manufactured by local craftsmen, tradesmen with honed skills, and sometimes by expensive automated equipment. Custom cabinets offer you a wide variety of wood species, the biggest selection of door styles, an assortment of options and modern conveniences, and a vast array of stains and finishes. 

The products or semi-custom manufacturers are catalog-based and built to order. Better semi-custom cabinets have more door styles, the ability to modify widths as well as depths, custom features such as Wainscot finished end panels, specialty moldings, a larger selection of stain and glaze options, and the ability to modify existing cabinet configurations. The best semi-custom cabinets are just a step below custom cabinets, and many manufacturers that produce semi-custom cabinets have the ability to build custom cabinets.

Modular cabinets are made with an assembly line mentality and are limited to the manufacturer’s catalog of products. If it’s not in the catalog, it’s not available. There are a limited amount of door options and stain choices. The quality of materials used is often inferior to the material used in better manufacturing methods. 

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Kitchens continue to evolve as the center point of homes. Since it’s where families tend to gather, Universal Design makes it easy and inviting.

Let’s start with your cabinets.

Probably one of the easiest ways to make cabinets look great is to use C and D-shaped hardware. Larger is better and this hardware not only looks great but simplifies opening doors and drawers. 

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Choosing a kitchen countertop isn’t all about looks! Durability, maintenance and cost are all factors.  If you select a favorite and it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, chances are that there is a similar style in another material that will work.  However, regardless of whether it is granite or concrete, you must care for it appropriately to maintain its beauty.

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