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The bathroom is typically the first room people go to when they wake up and one of the last they visit before bed. People want their bathroom to be a relaxing retreat and it’s easy to design for luxury. However, renovations that make a bathroom easier to clean are the smartest investment to save time and make the most of the space. According to lifestyle legend Martha Stewart, a thorough cleaning of all bathroom surfaces should be done once a week. Floating vanities offer better access to the entire floor for mopping. A glazed ceramic vanity top is a modern update that resists staining and also has a high heat tolerance, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally burning it with your hair straightener. Since white bathrooms are the most popular, use off-white or gray grout on larger white tile to make it look less dingy with age and usage. Consider stone slabs or painted glass instead for a beautiful, lower maintenance option. Less is more for cabinetry in the bathroom. Flat-panel cabinets are easiest to clean, but if they look too modern for your taste, shaker-style cabinets are a good fit. To maximize space, a wall to ceiling cabinet is a practical way to store everything that doesn’t fit in the vanity. Make sure that shelving in the cabinet is appropriate to keep things organized. For example, position shelves so that you can store three rolls of toilet paper and a foot-high stack of bath towels on one shelf, and shorter stacks of hand towels and washcloths on the shelf above it. A turntable or wire mesh sliding baskets are the perfect solution to provide easy access to items in deep cabinets that would otherwise be left out to clutter the space. Install your trash bin inside a cabinet door to keep it out of sight. The experts at Cornerstone Cabinet Company have a custom mounting process for floating vanities to make them as safe as they are beautiful. They can help you create a worry-free bathroom with superior style.