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According to Houzz, the most popular kitchen cabinet modification for the past several years has been the pull-out garbage/ recycling bin. Storing trash under the sink is “over” as is leaving bins out to clutter your kitchen and entertain your pets. Another timeless option is a tilting tray (a cabinet panel on hinges) next to the sink bowl. It can store sponges and scrubbers that would otherwise take up your kitchen counter space. If you want to have a new coffee maker in your kitchen and been looking at reviews of coffee makers on sites similar to this website, it may be worth linking into planning to have a coffee station in your kitchen. it would be worth you considering adding a “garage door” cabinet modification, which consists of a wooden panel that tilts up. With this custom feature, your coffee maker and all of its accessories stay hidden behind a door that blends seamlessly with your design while keeping the caffeine easily accessible. Today’s upscale kitchen islands should have a built-in mini fridge for wine or other cold drinks. Cabinetry can be installed around a glass door unit to complement it or wooden panels can hide this appliance completely. Vertical racks either inside cabinets or integrated between cabinets can make extra room for plates or baking pans. This idea is especially helpful for smaller kitchens. Kitchen cabinet modifications are also no longer limited to above or beneath countertops. If there is a tall, thin space next to the refrigerator or extending into a neighboring living area, creating a floor to ceiling tower cabinet is an excellent way to store a broom and mop, deep fryers, stand mixers and other irregularly shaped kitchen fundamentals. However, the most novel kitchen cabinet modification is the under cabinet “toe kick drawer”. If you are renovating an older home which has unused duct work or a heating register under a kitchen cabinet, this area can become a sliding drawer for secret extra storage. Cornerstone Cabinet Company partners with innovative companies like Hafele and Rev-A-Shelf for the best quality cabinet accessories and the cleverest kitchen cabinet modifications.