Mr. Jackson

When it comes to storage, it’s easy to overlook the half-bath. Since the available space is often measured in inches, it’s even more important to utilize what you do have. Happily, customized cabinetry is versatile enough to fit into any space so there’s adequate storage for important items like soap, toilet paper and towels.

Pedestal sinks are popular in half baths due to their size. They also come in a variety of styles. One way to get the best look and utility is to add a pedestal sink cabinet. It snuggles in beneath the sink without adsorbing extra floor space and has the added advantage of covering pipes or valves going from the sink to the wall.

Mounted sinks are more popular than ever and create space below. Get the most from that space with a custom cabinet.

Narrow cabinets may look inefficient but they store more than you think. Place them right beside the toilet or sink or up against a wall where there’s a little extra room. Corner cabinets are another option and utilize floor space that might otherwise go to waste.

Instead of a standard medicine chest over the sink, think custom cabinet. Depending on the layout, one with less depth but taller and wider still provides storage with that personal touch.

Cabinets with towel bars look good and allow for additional towels to be handy. This is a good place to mix open shelves and glass doors.

Finally, cabinet vanities are a sure thing for half baths. Customized vanities can be built to any style with either a drop sink or an above-the-counter bowl. 

There’s no reason why your half bath can’t have the storage you need with plenty of room to move about.