Remodeling is a great option if you are living in an improved housing market. The effort to upgrade over moving feeds makes it economical to stay put longer and customize what you have. It’s why we work with high-quality companies…such as Oakcraft and Timberlake…to install cabinetry our clients can live with long term. Looks and efficiency still motivate changes. What’s under the surface determines ease-of-use and durability.

It’s Better Business To Make Cabinets That Last

Manufactured woods like particleboard reduce costs. But those savings are lost if they affect indoor air quality. Many manufacturers have removed urea-added formaldehyde to make them NAUF (No Added Urea Formaldehyde) compliant. But it’s possible they use other VOCs or volatile organic compounds that will gas-off over time.

Another problem with particle board is that it doesn’t stand the test of time. Its mixture of sawdust and glue is more susceptible to moisture. While that may seem immaterial in a climate like ours, it needs to be factored in for cabinets placed near dishwashers, showers or hold sinks.

Manufactured woods don’t hold hardware as well. They’re more likely to strip and chip than wood and plywood that can last 50 years. If you screw a hinge into hardwood, it will stay there until someone comes along to unscrew it. As unlikely as it is for people to live in their homes for 50 years, quality construction increases overall home value and factors into remodeling options.

Another way to cut manufacturing costs is to glue and pin or staple drawers and shelve ends together. With a little investment, the better method is dovetail construction where small pieces at the ends are routed out, keying into one another to make the connection stronger and difficult to dislodge.

Quality Custom Cabinets Are Your Best Choice

What makes something “green” or “sustainable” is a product that lasts over time instead of ending up in a landfill. When it comes to cabinetry, starting with well-made boxes means homeowners only have to change doors to keep up with trends. Good quality hardware like ball bearing drawer glides and hinges not only ease use but add years to a well-planned project. Upgraded hardware such as “soft close” drawers and doors complete the quality touch. These are characteristics of sustainable products.

Cabinetry, no matter what room it’s in, is one place not to skimp. Good, solid construction adds beauty, function, and value to every home. At Cornerstone Cabinetry, we believe in remodeling to change the immediate look and sustain the home’s value for years to come.