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As stated in our previous blog about Shaker cabinets, the trend in cabinet design continues to lean towards beauty, simplicity, and functionality – a perfect formula for this style.  Around since the 1800’s, the Shaker profile stays true to its generations-old simplicity. Not surprisingly, it’s as popular as ever today.

But what if your client doesn’t follow the crowd?

Not everybody wants the same as everyone else. Therefore, we adapt these cabinets to fit modern tastes with some twists. Whether your clients prefer country, contemporary, even an industrial look – the squared off shape easily adjusts to changes using different cuts, finishes and hardware. It starts with the characteristics and styles of the cabinetry itself.

Shaker cabinets offer a number of options.

Due to the frame and panel profile (also known as rail and style construction), pure Shaker style cabinetry is very plain.  Adding a slight beveled finish keeps the cabinets simple, yet gives them an elegant touch.

Larger units can be divided into sections with pieces known as mid-rails, mid-stiles…or strips of wood or metal known as muntins.

Some clients need lots of storage and using rows of big drawers maximizes storage space. For added flourish, we can include design features such as beaded or raised panels.

How to differentiate Shaker cabinets with finishes.

Before the introduction of various finishes, cabinet craftsmen relied on the quality of wood…like maple, birch and chestnut. The various characteristics of the grain defined the cabinet’s beauty. In addition, we offer woods like cherry and walnut for an even richer look.

When it comes to an antique or simply unique version, we can customize cabinets with a distressed or burnished appearance to customize your clients’ specific needs.

Thermofoil, or vinyl wrap, a laminate applied to medium-density fiberboard (MDF) uses intense heat and pressure-bonding to fit any color scheme. Just note - Thermofoil will not have an edge as sharp as a painted or stained timber door because the machines used to apply the laminate can’t reach into the corners. As a result, the edge of the stile and rail are angled.

Finally, polyurethane can create a matte finish that enhances the characteristics of the wood it covers.

How characteristics compare in price.

MDF is generally the least expensive option, followed by Thermofoil, then painted finishes and solid timbers.

We work with a number of quality cabinet companies, like Timberlake, Aspect, and others who offer complete selections of custom cabinetry to make sure you can accommodate whatever your clients’ desire.

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