Mr. Jackson

As kitchens continue to evolve to more than just the place for food preparation, there’s another way to enhance the social experience. It’s how you use color to set the atmosphere.

Why Universal Design should be incorporated into your kitchenintroduced the advantages of lever-handled faucets and appliance placements. These features make it easier to perform tasks and still interact with others in the room. Ease of use plus colors that resonate with you and your family create that environment that keeps family and friends hanging around.

Color makes objects easier to see. Sight-challenged people are defined as those who need glasses or contacts, no matter how young or old they are. Dim lighting challenges even those with perfect vision. Color blocking is a technique that distinguishes one object from another.

It doesn’t have to be as drastic as placing red against blue.  It means using colors and their tones to show contour. This increases the ability to easily distinguish floor to walls, walls to cabinets, cabinets to countertops and so on. Color blocking also aids anyone who’s busy preparing food and drinks.

Along with safety, color blocking is another tool you can use to reflect your taste and personality. This is where Universal Design really upgrades your kitchen by giving it that customized look that really speaks about you.

It sounds easy, but one thing about color is that it’s complicated. Colors have undertones that make them bright or muddy. Ever notice how many shades of white or black are available? Pairing the wrong shades can ruin an entire project.

One way to get the best color scheme is to get a color consultation. A professional makes sure the right combination of color with cabinetry and appliances gives you a kitchen that’s “magazine worthy.”