Mr. Jackson

With families spending more time in the kitchen together, it can get a little crowded! One way to be together without bumping into each other is to install a coffee station.  From grinding beans to making specialty coffees to simple coffee pods - it adds convenience and style to your kitchen. You just have to decide how you want it to look.

If your coffee maker always ‘sits’ out in the open:

  • Add open or closed shelves directly above the maker to store everything from colorful cups and saucers to coffee syrups.
  • Consider floating shelves for a modern look or mount coffee crates on the wall for a little whimsy.
  • Add a pull-out shelf beneath the countertop for more preparation surface.

Want to hide the station while not in use?

  • Stash the coffee maker and all accessories behind pocket doors.
  • For a station tucked in a corner or located above the countertop, small appliance garages have cabinet doors that lift up and out of the way to make more room.

How about drawers instead of doors?

  • Pull-out drawers are best placed at a height where preparation is comfortable, usually the space that falls between your waist and elbow. Accompany it with a second pull-out drawer to store the accessories.

For coffee stations that include or only use a pod style brewer, it’s easy to add a custom coffee pod holder to the inside of the cabinet door.

Another feature is to incorporate a water faucet and small sink to rinse cups and pot in the same place.

Finally, no matter where your coffee station is located, under-shelf lighting allows you to prepare a great cup of java anytime of the day or night.