Mr. Jackson

Shaker cabinets have been the most popular way to refresh your kitchen and keep it timeless for the past several years. Shaker cabinets are defined by five-piece doors with flat recessed panels and no bevel on the frame. They are typically made of quality hardwoods like birch, maple, pine, chestnut, cherry, ash, hickory, oak, and poplar. The hinges are usually hidden. The simple construction also referred to as rail and stile, is a clean, classic look.

Shaker style was developed by members of the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, an 18th-century Christian sect who fled to the American colonies. They were called “Shaking Quakers” because of their overexcited behavior during worship services, but they lived a simple life which included making all of their own furniture. Utility and attention to form and proportion marked Shaker craftsmanship. They were the first to regularly integrate cabinetry into architecture.

Because Shaker style is adaptable to many design schemes, the squared off rectangle shape cabinetry can accommodate most finishes and hardware. Although white paint or natural stain is on trend for a moderate, transitional style, Shaker pairs well with the marble countertops of traditional kitchens and can be painted in the most modern pop colors for contemporary enthusiasts. Shaker cabinets can also be everywhere you can imagine.  They can be built not only in the kitchen, but the laundry room, living room or bathroom. Shaker doors can be easily combined with matching five-piece drawer fronts or simple slab drawer fronts for maximum storage capacity in a full wall unit.  

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