Mr. Jackson

It is known the heart of the home is thew kitchen. It can easily become useless when it doesn’t function to the homeowners needs. When building or remodeling be sure to find the designer that is going to listen to your needs and wants. Yes, your designer should know all the rules of design and be able to weave your needs and wants with the rules into the kitchen you desire.

We all tend to assemble in the kitchen. From the kids homework to our guests, off to the kitchen we go. The kitchen is one of the best and most used rooms of the home. When you move forward with updating your existing kitchen or begin designing your new home, your designer must preserve the style you want and the function you need. As designers, adding value to your home as well as more efficient time spent in your new domain is our main focus.

Top Kitchen Mistakes to Avoid

As professional kitchen designers we will offer you design suggestions to help you avoid these unwanted design faux pas. Most if not all of these issues can easily be avoided.

  • Be fun and and creative with your new kitchen. There is so much more than just placing cabinetry and countertops. Be sure your personality is a part of your new kitchen.
  • Lack of counter top space is a huge complaint in many kitchens. Function needs to be a priority right up there with the decorative aspects of your kitchen. Your designer should discuss with you how you use the space in you kitchen. By knowing your habits in the kitchen, we can design a better fitting experience for you. And of course the size of each individual kitchen will be
    taken into account when the final design is presented.
  • Not preparing for enough storage or the specified storage that the client needs is all to often missed. Be sure you find a qualified designer that knows how to incorporate your needs into the design.
  • Be sure to understand trends! Colors come and go, styles change with a breeze. If you are building your dream kitchen, then it must be your style no matter the trend. If you are planning on
    moving within five years or less, you should consider not getting to trendy.
  • And the perfect triangle is always the best design practice. Don’t make a common mistake in planning the location of your sink, refrigerator and cooking surface. The spacing and placement are paramount in a well functioning kitchen.
  • From small to large your designer should be able to design all the elements of a perfect kitchen for you. Be sure to find a designer that can accomplish designing you your perfect kitchen.