Mr. Jackson

Replacing the Triangle with Zones

Replacing the triangle with zones seems to be the trend we are heading as kitchen designers. Of course we must also keep in mind the basic need of each cook and their convenience. The inspired work triangle has been with us since the 1940’s. New York designer Lee Stahl says: “The kitchen triangle has given way to zones, where family members can work without bashing elbows.” And it is true, we have evolved in our use of the kitchen. With multiple stations we no longer use the traditional work triangle. The compact kitchen with the typical work triangle is passe. Kitchens are no longer closed off and small. As the center or hub of the home where we meet to do homework, socialize and enjoy our lives together. With the openness of a spacious kitchen we now work with zones for each project. It has been a transition over time as we find most home owners ready for zones designed for their specific needs.

Multiple Appliances Allow for the Transition to Zones

Prep zone, baking zone, kids craft zone, cleanup zone are a few of the zones we design for in the kitchen. With multiple appliances needed for each zone we are able to eliminate the work triangle. Greater efficiency is created thus allowing more action to take place.

  • Grouping you appliances for personal use is a big plus in zones. One of our clients made a their kids a zone of their own. After school was a breeze for mom because they knew exactly what was theirs for the taking. Built in refrigerator drawers and their own equipment to build their masterpieces.
  • We design your storage around your needs rather than popping them out in the garage or in the pantry. Your zones are equipped for your needs.
  • Single cook is rare these days and we can prepare the zones for all cooking styles.
  • Doubling sinks for prep & cleanup to an extra small cooktop in a special entertainment zone is not uncommon.
  • Feng Shui would have you cooker in the center of the room to keep the cook in command.  It Feng Shui is important to you, your designer must pay special attention to your needs in this area. 

Bottom line is your enjoyment and ease of use in your kitchen zones. We will always work closely with you keeping your hopes and desires in our every effort. At Cornerstone Cabinet Company we desire your total satisfaction. Give us a call for your design appointment at 480-710-7363.