Mr. Jackson

When it comes to making a room cheerful, nothing lightens the mood better than sunshine. Happily in Arizona we have lots of it and one way to get your share is to install floor to ceiling cabinets. If you find that surprising, you’re not alone - yet it could be the change you’re looking for. Depending on where they’re placed, not only do they add light, they make kitchens more efficient and can create a unique style.

Here’s how.

When it comes to storage, floor to ceiling cabinets supply the most space by concentrating storage along one wall. As a result, overhead cabinets placed along exterior walls can be eliminated - giving you the option to add more windows.

It’s even possible to place floor to ceiling cabinets on walls with windows, but, you need to plan carefully. Either leave enough of a gap beside the window so you don’t lose light you already have, or add a corner shelf to transition from cabinet to window without wasting space.

And there’s no reason why you can’t have some fun with function and style.

Vary shelf widths and heights to accommodate anything from canned goods to brooms and mops. Incorporate appliances such as wall ovens and microwaves at heights that suit your needs. Or make room for a niche to prepare drinks and quick meals away from the main food preparation area. This allows multiple cooks to work in the kitchen without bumping into each other.

 For style, cut out some of the middle cabinets to create a space partially filled with open shelves or wine glass racks. Now you have a centerpiece that draws the eye.

On the flipside, it’s a great way to have a backdrop.  For example, dark stained cabinets contrast well with light walls, and vice versa. If you have a colorful island, like one with marble siding, use the color of the cabinets behind it as a ‘canvas’ to showcase the veining of that marble.

From adding sunshine to style, floor to ceiling cabinets are a great tool to customize your kitchen the way you like it.