Mr. Jackson

The bathroom vanity is where you primp and pamper yourself, or just wash your hands quickly. It can be massive or understated, modern or traditional, decorative or just plain practical. The bathroom vanity can be made up of one cabinet or several cabinets used to make a large vanity with plenty of storage options. When designing a bathroom vanity, you must first decide if you want one sink or two. If it is a small space, a single sink is all that can usually fit. However, you can incorporate an eye-catching vessel sink and a wall-mounted faucet to inject some style into a small unit. For dual sink areas, consider separating them with a tall storage tower to make a clean, clutter-free space. Create a rustic bathroom with rough wood cabinetry filled with natural knots in neutral colors. Substitute baskets on open shelving for drawers. A contemporary, ultra-trendy idea is the asymmetrical half floating vanity which attracts attention and features open plumbing. Floating vanities, in general, always give the illusion of a larger room and contribute to a minimalist vibe. Feel like royalty with mirrored cabinetry, a marble countertop, graceful carved legs under the vanity or ornate gold hardware. Consider a retro 60s vanity by adding a splash of bold color on the drawers or using sleek plastic laminate cabinetry with no hardware. Vanities don’t even have to be near a wall anymore either.  They can be an island near a free-standing tub or used to create a separate dressing space anywhere in the bathroom. Mixing styles is also a hot concept. Old materials, such as a weathered wooden vanity table and thrift shop mirror, blend seamlessly with a shiny, new sink and modern fixtures. Cornerstone Cabinet Company offers many design tips to maximize the appeal of your bathroom and make your vanity a functional standout.