Mr. Jackson

Soft-Close Doors And Drawers

Remember the days when home offices were considered an addition – yet now they’re standard? Well, get ready for the next ‘upgrade’ to be expected…soft-close doors and drawers. With just a gentle nudge, the soft close mechanism takes over and gently closes the drawer or cabinet the rest of the way.

They’ve been around awhile and provide a great way to impress your guests. But once you experience the serenity of soft-close doors and drawers, you’ll wonder how you lived without them. This is especially true for bathrooms located near bedrooms.

And the benefits spread throughout the house…

More Than One Reason To Have Your Cabinets Close Softly

  • Not only in the bathroom, but in kitchens and home offices – soft-closing drawers and doors are Whether concentrating on home business or just getting away from the noise of civilization, the reduced speed of soft-close cabinetry eliminates those jarring sounds when someone slams a cabinet shut.
  • Sometimes a hard close can break fragile items. At the very least, soft closes keep contents from flying around so everything stays better organized and easy to find.
  • Often energetic kids are the most prone to slamming things shut and getting their fingers caught in the process. Soft-close drawers prevent both kids and adults from getting pinched, especially with full overlay cabinets that butt up to each other and to the underside of counters.
  • When properly installed, they put less stress on hinges, drawer stops and rails. Over time, this lessens the need for maintenance and extends the life of the cabinets.

Better Now Than Later

Re-modeling is an investment and it’s worth the upgrade to soft-close cabinetry at the same time. Wait to add them later and you’ll pay more due to 1) the extra labor to change out the old hinges and 2) you’ll have to replace hardware already paid for. If you still need to ease into the upgrade, consider postponing the doors and just do the drawers first.

It’s a great way to add luxury to your surroundings plus adds an attractive selling point when the time comes to sell. In fact, soft-close cabinetry is already considered standard in mid to high-range homes.

Talk to us about soft-close cabinetry and see how this feature not only adds peace and quiet to your day-to-day living, but increases the value of your home.