Mr. Jackson

When designing your homes cabinetry needs whether you are building new or remodeling, the choices available are endless. So we suggest you start your search early in the process. The multiple wood species, cabinetry door styles and finishes alone can make your head spin. With a designer that will help you narrow the choice to the one that satisfies your wants and needs, the project becomes manageable and fun. This should be the goal of your project. Find the designer that will help you have fun in your project. After the cabinetry is specified and you have decided that contemporary, traditional, rustic or maybe the old farmhouse look is what you want, we have many more decisions to make. Again, we highly recommend you start the process of cabinetry in the early stages of the total project.


The choices of cabinetry are many. Oak, Eastern Hard Rock Maple, Hickory/Pecan, Fir (very soft), Quarter Sawn/Rift Oak, Laminate Wood Designs are just a few of your choices. Door styles come in just as many choices as well. If you know exactly what you are looking for your choices will be easier to make. We do suggest taking a tour of the designers showroom to help finalize your decisions. There could be a wood or cabinet door style you will fall in love with. At least give yourself the chance to see all that is available. We also suggest you look through magazines then sticky note what you like. It helps when you are working with your designer.

Cabinetry Accessories

Now this is where you can have a lot of fun. The choices here are seemingly endless. Be careful, many of the accessories take away some of your storage space. If your kitchen is large that might not matter. When designing a smaller kitchen, we must consider the benefit of the accessory verses the space taken. To list a few:

  • Roll-out / Slide-out Shelves
  • Cutlery Dividers
  • Pullout Spice Racks (great for small spaces)
  • Stainless Pullout Trash Bins (easy to clean SS)
  • Swing Out Pantry Units
  • Pop Up Mixer Stand (every baker needs one)
  • Spice Drawer Insert
  • Pull out Pots and Pans Drawer

The list goes on. Let’s get you with your designer and they can guide you through your choices. As you take the time in the beginning of building your new home or your remodeling project instead of waiting until the cabinetry is needed, your choices will be made with ease rather than rushing through the project quickly.