When it comes to bathrooms, the three upgrades getting a lot of attention are double sinks, mirrors and lighting. More than just appearance, they upgrade how well your bathroom functions.

When it comes to sinks, 69% of renovations include a two-sink setup. One way to increase storage is to place the sinks far enough apart so you can install a full-sized cabinet between. This way the most used items are stored within easy reach.

Another factor is the type of sinks installed. The most popular type is under-mounts (64%) followed by drop-ins (16%) and vessel sinks (11%). Vessel sinks placed on top of countertops leave more space for a cabinet drawer underneath. But if an under-mount or drop-in is your preference, small tilt-out drawers can be built in to keep small items, like makeup and shavers at your fingertips.

Double mirrors pair up well with double sinks and some homeowners opt to upgrade to three or more mirrors. Additional features include anti-fog systems, LED lighting and hidden outlets. Mirrors mounted on customized cabinets offer additional storage and allow for space for lighting and outlets.

Lighting is important not only for looks, but for safety. The goal is to keep lighting even both day and night.  As a result, the majority of bathroom remodels now include wall lights or recessed lights to eliminate shadows and glare. The shower should have its own light along with lights over the toilet and any niche areas in the bathroom.

Increasing in popularity are in-drawer and toe-kick lights. Toe-kick lighting is especially helpful at night because it delineates where the floor ends and the cabinets begin.  

These days, remodel projects look to increase function with a more beautiful appearance. This “two for one” upgrade is the cornerstone of Universal Design.  Cornerstone Cabinet Company can assist with incorporating these ideas into your bathroom in addition to installing beautiful cabinets.