Mr. Jackson

If you’re in the process of planning out your dream kitchen yet are stewing over your kitchen cabinet design, interior pros are here to help. Whether you have a modern kitchen and crave a minimalist look or find that you desire a kitchen with rustic elements, here are plenty of kitchen cabinet ideas for everyone.

Note that selecting cabinetry shouldn’t be an afterthought, as it truly impacts the state of your overall home. “I view cabinetry much like I do furniture, except that cabinetry packs a much bigger punch,” states Erika Jayne Chaudhuri of Erika Jayne Design + Build. “A simple chair can set the tone for the entire room, while kitchen cabinetry can set the tone for the entire house,” the Washington, DC, designer adds. “The choice of details, finish, and door style will be the driving force for the space.

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