A sink that’s been around for hundreds of years is once again on the rise. In March, we wrote “Farmhouse Sinks — This Time In Color” because we know they add pizzazz to modern kitchens. With more and more firms like Annie and Oak offering farmhouse sinks, we’d be very surprised if you didn’t find a design online that you liked.

Farmhouse sinks originated at a time when there was no running water. Since water had to be carried in from outside the house, the sink was large, deep and close to the body for convenience. Now in a number of sizes, colors and materials, their appearance and function fit today’s active cooks.

Old Concept – New Trend

The National Kitchen and Bath Association, along with remodelers and interior designers – agree the trend in kitchen design is back to basics. Clean lines, neutral colors and clever storage make farmhouse sinks a natural addition to complete the environment.

Their traditional design - deeper than the modern top and under-mount sinks - allows users to stand directly in front of the basin with no countertop or cabinet in between. In the “old days,” it worked well for women who prepared food, washed clothes (sometimes even the baby!) in the sink.

Today, cooks love the extra space to clean large pots, big baking sheets, oven trays and large items like barbeque grills.

Before You Purchase

Consider this before you start shopping:

It’s easy to incorporate a farmhouse sink in new construction… but you may have obstacles with remodeling. Unless you’re replacing all the cabinetry around the sink, you’ll probably need to make adjustments. The size and nature of these sinks often require custom cabinetry, plus a different countertop design.

Because they’re deeper, you need to consider the height of those who use it. Originally, designed for women in a day when people were shorter, the depth of the sink requires more bending over for tall people. This can be hard on backs.

Their larger size uses more water to wash dishes. Some homeowners suggest placing a dish pan in the sink to take care of smaller washing chores.

Check the plumbing before installation. Deeper sinks may require having pipes adjusted to fit properly.

Our experience with farmhouse sinks helps us guide our clients to choose the style that looks and works best while minimizing installation issues. By understanding what you want to achieve, Cornerstone Cabinets can incorporate your farmhouse sink into your plan and maximize your enjoyment of every benefit it has to offer.