Oakcraft garage cabinetryOnce a cavern-like space to park cars; garages are now an extension of the home’s livable space.  Epoxy floors cover concrete slabs and customized cabinetry creates an in-home look over “big box store” plywood cabinets. Along with cars, garages can be play areas for kids and home gyms. Your cabinetry helps you accommodate whatever activities your family enjoys.

When it comes to the traditional workshop, pull-out base cabinets, organizer inserts and right-height countertops still work for home projects.   

But there’s more. For the sports-minded family, tall cabinets are ideal for large items like skis. In Arizona where ski clothing has a short season, closet style cabinets are ideal. Use hooks for rackets and other sports items that can be hung.

Overhead cabinets are always good for items that are used less frequently. Another benefit is that they keep things out of easy reach for children.

If you want to store items that are more valuable, consider cabinets fitted with locks. And to make the garage more versatile, consider movable cabinetry. For example, cabinets on castors can convert a workshop area into a game room.

Since garages are more exposed to the elements than the indoors, you’ll want to protect the surfaces with a weather – resistant material. This way the garage looks good with cabinetry that lasts longer.

Little defaces a home more than a disorganized garage. Customizing your cabinetry increases organization, adds storage and allows you to increase your homes livable space without a major renovation.