When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, countertops play a crucial role in your kitchen’s function and appearance.

As recently as the late 1980s, granite was still relatively unknown and little used.  That changed quickly and although its natural beauty is still popular, the rise of quartz with its more contemporary and consistent patterns gives you more options to customize your space.

Quartz is a mineral and one of the most abundant on the planet. To make in into countertops, it’s crushed and mixed with resin and color additives. That’s why you have so many colors and patterns to choose from, including natural looks that feel as though they come from Mother Nature.

Along with looks, quartz offers a number of practical advantages. The manufacturing process eliminates the need for sealing, making it easier to maintain. Quartz is stainless so you don’t have to worry about products like oil, tomatoes, wine, coffee and juice leaving marks.  Since its surface doesn’t hold bacteria or viruses, you can feel confident that even a light cleaning is sufficient. Finally, its heft and flexibility makes it stronger than granite and more resistant to chipping.

When it comes to seams, darker colors tend to hide them better and give a great contemporary look. Although some feel quartz has less natural beauty than granite, many manufacturers like Cambria, LG Viatera and Silestone offer a variety of countertops with rich, finished stone appearances.

Cornerstone Cabinet Company works with several fine manufacturers:

               MS International
               LG Viatera