When it comes to dressing up your kitchen, you’d be surprised at how important your cabinet hardware is. Often seen as a small detail, hardware has a huge impact on the overall picture. So how do you make the most of it?

One option is to go large. Another factor is to choose hardware that’s timeless. C and D-shaped hardware give you both, plus another advantage… ease of use.

Starting with large hardware, designers have long understood the effect of placing large handles on cabinet doors and drawers. Both C and D-shaped hardware come in different lengths and depending on the size of your cabinets, feel free to go as big as 7-8 inches from end to end. Going long creates a ‘designer look’ with a relatively small investment.

This hardware is also timeless. While cup pulls and knobs may customize a current look, just like complicated patterns in floors and walls; they tend not to stand the test of time.  With C and D-shaped hardware, you have multiple styles and metal types to create your current custom look plus adapt to future changes and upgrades.

The benefit least talked about but most important is the ease of use. If you haven’t heard about Universal Design - you will in the future. Our aging population is demanding it, yet it’s not just for seniors. People with mobility issues, especially arthritis (which inflicts over 50 million today) need to have easy access to stored items.  And even if you and your family are in perfect health; think about times when your hands are wet, greasy or soapy. The ability to simply slip your hand through C and D-shaped hardware adapts your kitchen to your lifestyle.  You can see more great hardware options at Hardware Resources and Hefele.