Concealed customizations for kitchen necessities can make life better without ruining the clean lines of a modern design. Go to the head of the class with some genius storage ideas.

Keep organized and never forget what you need at the grocery store when you add a pegboard to the inside of a cabinet. Not only is it handy for lists, it can be used for holding small kitchen tools and is an innovative way to let kids be creative without refrigerator magnets to display their artwork.  A pegboard can be purchased and sized to fit inside a cabinet door, or a thin piece of wood can be affixed to the cabinet and accessorized with various types of hardware.

When searching for a storage solution to keep kitchen items both handy and neat, think retractable. Retractable drawers under the sink can keep cleaning products handy and neat. A sliding hanging rack hidden inside a cabinet can keep pots and pans easily accessible without putting them on display. Vertical shelving units for cans and jars can be created to pull out of kitchen counter spaces…. It’s especially on trend to add these sliding shelves near the refrigerator or stove.

Using the side of a counter or kitchen island is also an excellent way to hide away food, glassware, towels, or utensils. Open shelving is an option here, but consider baskets or wooden boxes for twist on the traditional. Sealed plastic bins are a great choice to keep cereal and pasta fresh while displayed neatly, too.

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