Floating Cabinet using Cornerstone’s custom brackets system.

Just as we’re seeing in kitchen design, the clean, uncluttered Nordic style reigns in the bathroom as well. Ideal for opening space in small areas, this simple style works well to make even large bathrooms roomier.

Cabinets play a pivotal role with various styles, pull-outs and pre-organized drawers. These features, along with new advances in technology, blend to emphasize minimalistic design and geometric forms. At the same time, sinks and faucets create points of interest. Make no mistake, this doesn’t standardize or formulize how your bathroom will look.  Instead, it allows you to customize your bathroom while you make it more efficient.

Cabinet Design for Your Personality

Shaker-style, floating and furniture-like cabinets set the stage for how your bathroom speaks about you.

Shaker cabinetry is a long- established style and is experiencing a major surge. Its simplicity of design fits perfectly with clean, simple lines and supports any style hardware. Knob styles offers hundreds of choices but C and D-styles, recommended by interior designers trained in Universal Design, accommodate not only young and older residents, but those with conditions like arthritis.

Another popular style is floating cabinets.  Suspended from walls and approximately 10 inches off the floor, they add a zen-like appearance. The space beneath can remain empty or accommodate decorative baskets used for additional storage.  At Cornerstone, we engineered a steel bracket to withstand the downward pressure exerted by the weight of the cabinets, countertops and sinks.

Finally, cabinets don’t have to look like ‘cabinets’ any more. Furniture-style designs create that individual personality that makes your bathroom uniquely you. We work closely with local businesses like Oakcraft Elegant Cabinetry and Shiloh Cabinetry to create the look that’s uniquely yours.

Regardless of your style, take advantage of pull-outs and drawers that organize bath items to keep clutter off countertops.

Technology’s Contribution

While some people love technology advances for the sake of change, manufacturers agree when it comes to sinks and faucets, changes need to offer a functional benefit to have a long-term impact. Touchless faucets continue to enter the market. But do they offer true value or are they just a passing gimmick? The greater demand is for improved water delivery that conserves water usage.

We Specialize in Personal Bath Renovation

In our fast-paced, digital world, discerning consumers prefer quality that projects artisan efforts. At Cornerstone, we work closely with our clients and partners to provide the latest innovations with personal service.  Talk to us about what you need so we can help you achieve your vision.