The kitchen is where family and friends gather for food and fun so it’s always got to look its best. Stop endless dusting, scrubbing and wiping kitchen surfaces and remodel smart instead! Kitchens are both wet zones and high-traffic areas so proper flooring material is key. Ceramic and porcelain tile have moisture resistance that is superior to natural stone or wood. They also rarely scratch or stain. Quartz countertops are the most durable and you can clean them with common household products. A sturdy, lower cost countertop option is laminate. Flat-panel cabinets are easiest to clean, but if they look too modern for your taste, shaker-style cabinets are a good compromise. Dark stained cabinets show fingerprints and dust, and white cabinets show absolutely everything else, so a medium stained finish is the best choice for effortless style. Otherwise, consider satin-painted cabinetry, which is still very resilient. Opt for a rollout pantry to put groceries away quickly without fumbling around in deep cabinets. Its shelves are easier to reach for both organizing and cleaning. Brushed nickel or dark bronze hardware hides water spots and fingerprints well. Stainless steel sinks may develop a chalky residue around the drain due to hard water and they can also scratch, but overall, stainless steel appliances require the lowest maintenance. Use garage door cabinets to hide away appliances or to cover any area that may get cluttered. Consider a glass backsplash because although they are more likely to show grease and food splatters than ceramic and natural stone, they can be easily wiped down due to the smooth surface. Flat sheets of glass eliminate grout lines entirely. And don’t forget good lighting so that you can spot any spills and stains before your guests do. Cornerstone Cabinet Company crafts worry-free kitchens without compromising elegance and quality.