How Customized Closets Can Add A Hour To Your Day

How often do you rummage through your closet to find the right items? Maybe it only takes a couple of minutes…sometimes it’s much longer. Either way, it’s frustrating. Professional organizers tell us the answer is to keep your closet organized. But that’s easier said than done…and it still takes up time if the closet doesn’t fit your specific needs. The key is to customize.

Why customization is better than “one size fits all”

Customizing your closets means having the proper space and configuration for what you need most.  If your job requires business attire, you need room for suits. If you have a shoe fetish, keeping shoes together and organized eliminates searching for the mate of the ones you want to wear. For those who buy the basics and ‘create’ different outfits with accessories, it’s important to arrange scarves, ties, belts and jewelry to quickly pair with that days attire.  

For some, closets hold more than just clothes. Travel for work and there’s nothing like having the suitcase in the same place as the clothes to be packed.  Participate in sports and your closet is home to everything from rackets and balls to those special accessories necessary to play. They’re also the place to tuck away a safe if you need some private room for personal items.

Other closets are for stashing the kids’ toys or treasures like the family china. Whatever you want to have around but out of sight, a customized closet keeps things organized and accessible.

Having what you need at your fingertips saves time

We live in a world addicted to ‘busy.’ No matter how organized you are, there’s always something else that needs to be done.

Customizing closets is no longer a luxury. Building your closets for your specific needs makes the difference between getting to work on time or running a little late, having the look you want or throwing something together, even shopping for something you thought you were missing…only to find it later.

In the quest to customize our homes to fit our lives, it’s important to consider every closet. You may not spend a lot of time in them, but you probably use them more than you think.  Keeping them tidy and organized is easy when they’re built around your life style and needs.

At Cornerstone Cabinetry, we believe in making every home more efficient and enjoyable to live in.