Chris took 4 short videos showing the action of the “CNC” machine. (AKA Computer Numerical Control) This equipment is state of the art technology that greatly improves your satisfaction with your granite countertops. The computer converts the design produced by computer-aided design software (CAD) into numbers. Numbers can be considered to be coordinates of a graph and these control the movement of the cutters. The computer controls the cutting and shaping of the material resulting in a much higher quality edge detail. G-code is one of the languages used to operate CNC machines. CNC machines rely on a computer to direct operations, instead of a human operator. Ultimately, cnc g code language is used by these computers to perform operations. Some manufacturers are still doing this work with hand held routers. The CNC saves processing time which saves labor which lowers your cost. Notice in the video that the machine applies water constantly to the cutting surface to lower the temperature of the machine and the granite. The CNC has a large selection of tooling to give you exactly the edge you want on your countertop.

One more way that Cornerstone Cabinet Company “Exceeds Expectations!”