The kitchen is often the connecting space between the dining room and the living room. Even with an open floor plan, you don’t have to limit yourself to one style. Mixing elements in the kitchen can create a cohesive flow in the entire home while incorporating every style that you love. In fact, the current trend is to mix rather than match. Add traditional touches by copying moulding details from other rooms in the kitchen (like on an island leg or around the windows) or showcasing antique glassware and china in a custom hutch with glass cabinetry. To incorporate modern elements, choose sleek, flat cabinets in neutral colors. Use handles and pulls that are not too fussy. Bring in traditional granite for the countertops, but choose a matte finish instead of polished, and have the granite honed. Look for new and unusual colors like blue and burgundy to contemporize your décor. Go for green or beige to make it more traditional. Black appliances can update a country kitchen without clashing. Just be sure to add a farmhouse sink and use plenty of wood accents around the appliances. Switch out the faucet to update the look of your kitchen without a big investment. Feel free to go for a terrifically traditional faucet in your contemporary kitchen but opt for an understated finish to keep the visual peace. Make your kitchen more masculine by adding bulkier elements such as a bronze range hood or a stone backsplash. Period lighting fixtures and vibrant Persian rugs bring some vintage flair to the mix. Choose the unexpected, like a chalkboard for one of your cabinet doors or a backsplash built up to the ceiling, to really bring the room together. The designers at Cornerstone Cabinet Company can help you create a unique, perfectly balanced kitchen today.