Increase your home’s value and make your bathroom a stylish sanctuary with some easy updates. Bright, open spaces make your bathroom look larger so be sure to add windows for a natural glow. Add LED lighting to cabinets and vanity mirrors for task lighting. Choose white or neutral finishes on walls and cabinets that reflect the light. For a more fashion-forward option, metallic wall tiles or paint also give the illusion of more room thanks to their eye-catching and refractive qualities. The indoor/outdoor bathroom is the bravest trend to open up a bathroom. A large glass wall with privacy glass, the coverage of plants and trees outside or retractable shades can allow you to bathe at one with nature! Boxy angles are out while beautiful curvy shapes are becoming more popular. You don’t have to add curves to the entire bathroom — pick two or three elements for balance. Faucets and fixtures that are more rounded are on trend. Your main vanity can have a curved countertop or be half-moon style. Skip floor-to-ceiling cabinetry and opt for open shelving or a floating vanity to maximize the bathroom space. Integrated (the same material as the bathroom counter) or undermount sinks add minimalist clean lines. A free-standing tub and glass shower doors are both luxurious and contribute to the light, airy concept. Consider bringing your favorite music into your bathroom with waterproof built-in speakers and Bluetooth technology. An Amazon Echo Dot or other SmartSpeaker can allow you to control the music and lighting level with your voice for a true spa experience. Lastly, to keep your renovated bathroom looking great longer, consider quartz countertops instead of marble. And always be sure to install quality cabinets and hardware from Cornerstone Cabinet Company.