According to the latest research, white continues to be the top color choice for kitchen cabinets. However, search the web for kitchen ideas and you may notice that the color choice appears to be shifting. Here’s what we’re seeing.

Bright and strong colors are still on the fringe but off-white shades are coming on strong.

Natural woods like bleached or grey-washed red oak are one way to take the edge off of an all-white kitchen.  If it fits into your budget and you’re looking for a little less pink, you can use white oak. White oak is a little warmer with its golden-brown tones and tendency to be slightly darker. Both woods allow you to bring in white tones with other materials without making the overall effect too white.

Gray continues to be popular due to its versatility. Gray has the dual advantage of still being light and bright while it adds a little more warmth.

And when it comes to changing color all together, blue and green are seeing the most interest. Like gray, pale pastel blue and green show a similar versatility by warming up the room without giving up the simple, clean lines and appearance you get from white.

These “not-so-white” kitchens offer homeowners a way to make a change in a subtle manner.

Yet we’re seeing remodel projects looking for a complete change. One way to do this is contrasting dark cabinetry with white or very light counter-tops. It’s a way to makes a bolder statement and leaves other aspects, like back-splashes, ceilings and decor available for contrast with white shades.

White kitchens are timeless. But sometimes we feel the need for a change.  If warmer colors and more natural materials co-inside with your desire to keep friends and family hanging around, Cornerstone Cabinet Company can create any combination to make that happen.