No one disputes the higher cost of installing custom cabinets. But if this new kitchen or remodel is going to be the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, consider the advantages of going custom over typical stock cabinets.

For one thing, true custom cabinets fit perfectly into every space to give you the best use of corners, spaces between windows as well as the height or length of every wall. No matter how big or compact your kitchen is – even a couple of inches changes how well it functions.

Custom cabinets also achieve looks that stock cabinets can’t. You may have features like a banquette seat, a kitchen island or more than one food preparation station. Seamlessly integrated custom cabinets will draw attention to those spaces you want to highlight.

And here’s where even a couple of inches makes a difference. If the goal is to have a clean, modern appearance - stream-line your cabinets with appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and stove tops.

Now when it comes to sinks, some styles also stream-line well with the surrounding cabinetry. But whether you choose this style or one that overlaps, finding stock cabinets that securely fit around the sides and bottom could be difficult. Again the best bet is to go custom to guarantee a good, secure fit.

Deep drawers are a surprisingly affordable upgrade to the more typical three-drawer models because some companies build deeper drawers at around the same cost. This cabinet style is not new, but the variety of divider systems now available makes them a popular alternative to traditional lower cabinets. For example, interiors can be sub-divided with wood or metal peg systems to store dishes, pots and pans. Or make drawers even taller to house additional items like liquor bottles or other large appliances.

Since this is the kitchen you’ve always wanted, the extra investment in custom cabinets reaps big rewards in maximizing function as it creates a truly personal and polished look.