Believe it or not, your bathroom cabinets are the key to the room’s overall appearance. Just be careful not to let appearance distract you from the ultimate goal of safety and storage.

Fortunately today’s cabinets are masters of organization. They include improvements like built-in drawer dividers, cosmetic trays and appliance garages. From hand cream to hair dryers and electric toothbrushes, the goal is to keep everyday items within easy reach and electronic items dry.

For bathrooms with enough room, you have options like linen towers and closet-like spaces to hang clothes so they’re ready to put on right after the shower.

And under-cabinet lighting is for more than just kitchens. Cabinets with light rails and other forms of built-in illumination keep countertop and floor surfaces evenly lit. This is especially important as bathrooms usually have more wet surfaces than any other room.

When it comes to appearance, another trend is cabinetry with a more furniture-like look. This uses more and smaller pieces with bun feet and raised panels. Generally made of wood, the most popular options are dark cherry and walnut. If you opt for painted surfaces - white, ebony and gray are the most popular as they go with virtually all bathroom styles. White makes the space appear larger but if you prefer ebony, consider using a light color or even white countertop.

Another new practice is to match the cabinetry in the bathroom with that of the rest of the house to create consistency.

Cabinets transform bathrooms from ordinary to relaxing retreats. With good organization and efficient lighting, they save time and keep you safe. Most of all, they can create the atmosphere you want to achieve.