OakCraft Elegant Cabinetry has been committed to serving and satisfying their customers’ needs for more than two decades, supplying natural, real wood cabinets throughout Phoenix, Arizona and the western region of the United States. With numerous options for your bath, entertainment center, kitchen and home office cabinetry, the possibilities are limited only by one’s imagination. OakCraft is also committed to conserving and respecting the environment in the conduct of their business and operations and earned the Environmental Stewardship Certificate Program (ESP) certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) in 2007.

OakCraft consultants can produce any shape of natural wood cabinet door for your home design needs, including raised and recessed panels, with arch, square, or shaker style, as well as other miscellaneous styles. You also have 9 different and beautiful wood species to choose from to compliment your home and paint styles. Any dealer of OakCraft wood cabinets can help you choose, should you wish, the perfect natural wood species to show off your preferred stain or paint job.

Benefits of OakCraft Elegant Cabinetry
Phoenix homeowners can be assured that when they go with OakCraft, they can expect the utmost standard of quality in product and installation. OakCraft natural wood cabinets are a paragon example of rugged strength and style, and will keep their beauty intact much longer than a typical home cabinet installation. These cabinets are constructed of a hard natural wood that will resist scratches and dents for years to come. There are added environmental benefits of choosing OakCraft wood cabinets, as well. The company’s award-winning environmental track record is outstanding, and goes a long way toward showing that their respect for our Earth is genuine.

Why choose OakCraft at Cornerstone Cabinet Company?
In our general experience while working with the field of cabinetry design and installation in the Phoenix, AZ area, we can speak with great sincerity when we say that when we install OakCraft cabinets, we do so with deliberation and care. We have diversification in the industry when it comes to refacing and replacing home cabinets, and are second to none in terms of quality and dependability. Cornerstone Cabinet Company is an authorized dealer of natural wood OakCraft cabinets in the West Valley and Phoenix areas. If you are interested in looking into real, natural OakCraft wood cabinetry in your Phoenix, Arizona home entertainment center, bath, kitchen, and/or home office, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our design team today!