“I don’t want my bathroom to look like everyone else’s.”  Find inspiration for a unique interior in unexpected ways. Possibly one of the reasons that you chose your home was its location. Consider integrating your surroundings into your bathroom.  It will make your space feel more expansive and will connect you with the outside world. If you live in an urban environment, choose metallic industrial tile or leave brick exposed on the walls. If you live near a beach, consider cabinetry painted in water tones and a custom wavy counter-top. If you love your backyard, a large glass wall with privacy glass, the coverage of plants and trees outside, or retractable shades can allow you to bathe at one with nature.

You can also look inward instead by reflecting your family’s heritage in your bathroom. For example, Asian design features clean lines and simple architecture. Color schemes used in this type of space include black, beige, pale green, white, gray and red. A Scandinavian bathroom would appear minimalist with white and neutral colors. Focus on geometrical shapes and keep the wood cabinets natural.

You can find design inspiration in piece of art that holds personal meaning for you and build your bathroom concept around it too. Just be aware that tubs and showers produce a lot of moisture and steam, which is a dangerous environment for matted pieces. It is better to opt for a decoration that doesn’t need to be framed like sculpture, painted canvas or plaster intaglios. Parisian bathroom style is particularly popular with a claw foot tub, a pedestal sink and colors that complement impressionist art in eclectic fashion. However, white subway tile with open cabinetry can showcase a more modern art bathroom concept.

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